Gateway to India Fund

Gateway to India Fund is a sub-fund of Ocean Dial Investment Funds, an open ended UCITS ICAV, regulated and listed in Ireland.

Key points

  • Open ended, sub fund of UCITS ICAV
  • Market cap agnostic – focus on the business, not the size
  • Concentration: ~25 holdings
  • Notional benchmark: S&P BSE 500 Index

Investment objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide long term capital appreciation. The Fund intends to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of multicap equities and equity related securities of (i) companies that have their registered office in India and are listed on Recognised Exchanges worldwide, (ii) companies that exercise a preponderant part of their economic activity in India and are listed on Recognised Exchanges worldwide and/or (iii) companies whose equity and equity related securities are listed, traded or dealt in on Indian stock exchanges.

Principal Advisor

Tridib Pathak

Tridib Pathak

Co-Head of Equities, Principal Advisor (GTIF)

Name Tridib Pathak
Job title Co-Head of Equities, Principal Advisor (GTIF)
Joined 2019
Experience 30
Previous employers Enam, IDFC, Lotus
Favourite dish Misal Pav

Tridib Pathak is the Principal Advisor to the Gateway to India Fund and has over 30 years’ experience in managing Indian listed equity assets for domestic and international investors. He joined Ocean Dial in 2019 from the Enam Group, where he was a senior portfolio manager. His previous roles included CIO of Lotus Asset Management (a JV with Temasek’s Fullerton Fund Management) and CIO of DBS Cholamandalam, a JV with DBS of Singapore. Over his long career he has maintained a consistent investment style, based on a process orientated, bottom up, fundamental approach to stock picking and portfolio construction, regardless of benchmark considerations and with a long term outlook.

Fund Information

Manager Kroll Man. Co. (Ireland) Ltd
Administrator Apex Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
Custodian European Depositary Bank S.A. (part of Apex Group)
Domicile Ireland
Structure ICAV
Framework UCITS
Benchmark S&P BSE-500 Index
Valuation 16:00 T (Dublin)
Dealing cut off 13:30 T-1 (Dublin)
Launch date 10 September 2012
Reporting status Yes

Share classes and fees

*High Water Mark

Fund codes

Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class A US$ (closed to new investors) B585S74 IE00B585S747
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class B EUR (closed to new investors) B6X6RV6 IE00B6X6RV62
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class C GBP (closed to new investors) B3WD397 IE00B3WD3974
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class G GBP (closed to new investors) BRWQD49 IE00BRWQD491
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class K US$ BMTWVZ2 IE00BMTWVZ22
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class L EUR BMTWW04 IE00BMTWW041
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class M GBP BMTWW15 IE00BMTWW157
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class N US$ BMTWW26 IE00BMTWW264
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class O EUR BMTWW37 IE00BMTWW371
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class P GBP BMTWW48 IE00BMTWW488
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class Q US$ BMTWW59 IE00BMTWW595
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class R EUR BMTWW60 IE00BMTWW603
Ocean Dial Gateway to India Fund Class S GBP BMTX2P2 IE00BMTX2P29

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